Midori PS: My favourite stylish box

Midori PS: My favourite stylish box

I love boxes. They are wonderful. 

Here is my favourite stylish box that sparks joy and inspires me to tidy up my space.

Midori PS Boxes

  • The box appearance is unique, and minimalist. It stores items, and decorate living space at the same time. Absolutely amazing.  
  • It is stackable, practical, water-resistant, and super eco-friendly. The box are made of recycled newspapers, milk cartons, cardboard boxes. The purity and original color of these material made boxes available only in gray, white, and beige
  • There are 3 different sizes to match your need. Small size (PS Pen case), Medium size (PS Card box), and large size (PS Tool Box) 
  • I like to use it to store memory, and items that do not need frequent access ex. postcards, letters, hair cutting kit, tools, etc. the lid of the box is closed, and secured by a rubber band.
  • The box is unique, stylish, and look great, the more you have it.
  • Own yours here.

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