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15%OFF Autumn Selection at Checkout
AY-KASA: My favourite colourful box

AY-KASA: My favourite colourful box

I love boxes. They are wonderful. 

Here is my favourite colourful box that sparks joy and inspires me to organise my space

AY-KASA Foldable Box: 

  • This box is stackable, foldable, stable, colourful, and made of food-safe material. 
  • It is highly practical, I enjoy using it to store a collection of things, eg. stationery, toys, cables, and so on. When used, I see my items at glance, and can find things I want quickly. I also use it for grocery shopping, outdoor picnic, and road trips to visit friends, and grandparents. The foldable function makes it easy to save space when not used.
  • AY-KASA offers this box in 3 different sizes. Each with lovely colours to match our taste and style.
  • Pick yours here.
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