This Is How I Do It (EN)
This Is How I Do It (EN)

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This Is How I Do It (EN)

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Building on the success of the internationally acclaimed This Is How We Do It, this interactive activity book invites readers to document their lives and daily rituals compared to 59 real kids from around the globe.  

This fun and engaging workbook will get kids writing, drawing, and sharing while also learning about cultures and countries other than their own. 

  • Includes drawing activities, postcards, sticker sheets, and a fold-out map
  • A die-cut cover for kids to draw their portrait and write their name on makes this activity book a keepsake to treasure
  • Encourages self-reflection while also teaching kids about different traditions and customs

This Is How I Do It is the perfect way to keep kids entertained while exposing them to the many cultures that make up the world.   

This children’s activity book is ideal for: 

  • Fans of Matt Lamothe’s This Is How We Do It picture book
  • Those looking for hands-on, educational kids activity and drawing books
  • Those interested in teaching kids about different cultures and countries 
  • Parents and teachers

Size: 8x11 inch - 56 pages