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Kidswear sale up to 50%OFF

Tarp Bag

26.90 EUR

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  • The Hightide Tarp Bags are one of Hightide all time best sellers in Japan. It is made from sturdy tarpaulin and can be used as a trash can, laundry bag, bucket for gardening, and various other storage tools. We have seen people using it as an ice bucket, childrens toys catch-all and we think it is indispensable on campingtrips.

    Hightide Tarp Bag is multifunctional for everything outdoors. This 35L has two holes as handles.

  • Die Hightide Tarp Bags gehören zu den Bestsellern von Hightide in Japan. Sie bestehen aus einer robusten Plane und sind vielseitig einsetzbar.

    Z.B. alsMülleimer, Wäschesack, Abfallsammler bei der Gartenarbeit,oder zur Aufbewahrung von Spielzeug, um nur einige zu nennen.

  • Size: S - 28 cm x 36 cm / M36 cm x 45 cm

    Material: Tarpaulin


    - Do not use near fire

    - Hightide does not guarantee complete liquid leakage prevention

    - If you put clothes on for a long time, the odor may transfer

    - If you keep it folded for a long time, the folded part may discolor

    - Wipe it off with a cloth soaked with a neutral detergent

    - If exposed to direct sun