Outdoor Mosaic adhesive RED INVADERS
Outdoor Mosaic adhesive RED INVADERS
Outdoor Mosaic adhesive RED INVADERS


Outdoor Mosaic adhesive RED INVADERS

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Easily, quickly and cleanly install your own 'invader' on your terrace, on your house or in your living room, bedroom, entrance hall with this special outdoor INVADERS mosaic. Delivered in a white glossy kraft box, the mosaic is ready to offer or to afford to bring a touch of "Street Art" to your exterior or interior.

Ready-to-install mosaic, composed of colored glass tiles and equipped with a professional powerful adhesive. Each glass pane of about 2cm by 2cm and 3mm thick has a very resistant adhesive and designed to withstand significant temperature variations or rain. This powerful adhesive also makes it possible to adhere to surfaces that are not perfectly smooth, such as cement, plaster or brick. It will also be perfect on wood, PVC, glass and all possible and imaginable supports.

Maintenance: you can clean the mosaic with a cloth and window cleaner.

Size: 20 x 16 cm

Material: Mosaic tile glass 

Made in France