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🍦Summer Sale up to 50%OFF 🍦

Les Schmouks doll

41.90 EUR

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  • Hairy, colourful and fun, children will soon make friends with these new playmates

    As the illustrator and author of the ‘Gouniche’ character and the adventures of the ‘Flops’, Delphine Durand has teamed up with Moulin Roty to create a quirky collection of colourful characters: Les Schmouks. Six months of sketches, discussion, stitching and seeking out the right furry fabrics have led to the birth of these brightly coloured friends, with interesting textures and big round eyes. Their huge smiles, disproportionate bodies and crazy fur make them a truly appealing bunch that children of all ages will love!

  • Die Plüschfigur "Gelber Mouni"  in gelb  ist ein ganz lustiger Geselle. Mit dem breiten Grinsen und strahlenden Glubschaugen wird er sicherlich ein treuer Freund. Verarbeitet ist der "Schmouks"  aus einem weichem, anschmiegsamen Baumwoll-Polyestermix.

  • Material:  Cotton, Polyester

    Size: ca. 50 cm

    Washing instruction: 30 degrees on delicate cycle, do not tumble dry.

    Made by:  Moulin Roty, France