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🍦Summer Sale up to 50%OFF 🍦

MINIS - BOTTLE SET for The Mouse Mansion

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  • These Minis are perfect for decorating your own Mouse Mansion, for example in you tiny shop or kitchen. The minis are just the right size: the scale is 1:12, just like all other Mouse Mansion products. Some minis come with a sticker sheet with labels; so that you can choose yourself what label you would like on the jars and bottles.

    The Minis are made from beautiful materials. The plates and cups are real porcelain and the pans and the cutlery are made from actual metal! The minis are produced in a factory for beads - so the quality and details are perfect.

    Every mini comes with a matchstick box and a tiny card. Collect them all!

  • Diese hübschen kleinen MINIS helfen dir beim Einrichten deines selbstgemachten Mäusehauses! Stelle die Bratpfanne auf die Kochplatte oder auf den gedeckten Tisch, so dass es aussieht, als ob das Abendessen fertig ist. Kreiere so eine lebensechte Deko im Mäusehaus und sorge für jede Menge Guck- und Spielspaß!

  • Box size: 7.7 x 4.2 x 1.7 cm


    Set: 4 beverage bottles with sticker sheet

    Material: Metal, wood and fabric