Mini Color hanging kinetic mobile
Mini Color hanging kinetic mobile

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Mini Color hanging kinetic mobile

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A colorful, compact mobile crafted from natural materials, designed to sway with the gentle breeze in the room or the gentle touch of a loving mother's hand.


In order to start using the mobile, you do not need anything extra - there is a hook with a dowel in the kit.

You need to choose a place where you want to hang your mobile and make a hole for the hook.

1. When you take the mobile out of the box, avoid touching the brass petals with your hands (relevant for brass mobiles).

2. It is also necessary to unpack the mobile carefully, without jerks and sudden movements in order to exclude the breaking of the fishing line.

3. You can independently adjust the length of the fishing line by making a loop on it at the height you need.

4. The mobile moves from the natural movement of the air in your room, you do not need to specifically accelerate it or use force.

5. Dust can accumulate on the petals and surface of the mobile, periodically it should be carefully wiped with a dry cloth.

Material: balls - linden tree, rods - birch tree.

Size: 35 x 30 cm

Mobile is an artwork and is great for children, but it is not a toy. Please hang your mobile out of the reach of children.

There is no need to pull the mobile. The air will do all the job!

Note: You do not need special care products for our mobiles. Easy wet cleaning is all that would save them from dust.