Math box for 1st class
Math box for 1st class
Math box for 1st class
Math box for 1st class


Math box for 1st class

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Math box for 1st class - number space of 20 | Elementary school back to school learning math

  • Number template for practicing and learning how to write numbers
  • Calculator (printed on both sides - front 20 empty circles / back numbers 1-20)
  • 22 reversible plates made of RE-Plastic®
  • 10 red and 10 blue cubes 2x2x2cm made of RE-Wood®
  • Reckoning money made from RE-Plastic® and recycled paper (22 coins and 13 bills up to €20)
  • Number line 1-20 with marker brackets
  • Geoboard made of RE-Plastic® 15x15cm with 25 rubber rings
  • Learning clock made of RE-Plastic®
  • Calculator chain of 20 red/blue made of RE-Plastic®
  • Number analysis box with 20 balls made of RE-Plastic®
  • geometric shapes
  • Mirror 15x10cm
  • 2 dice
  • Exercises can be accessed via QR code
Packed in a red RE-Wood® box and carton.

Size: 25 x 18 x 6 cm

Material: RE-Wood® / RE-Plastic®

Made in Germany