Ludo Wood - 4 Games in 1
Ludo Wood - 4 Games in 1
Ludo Wood - 4 Games in 1


Ludo Wood - 4 Games in 1

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A lovely set of four games: one magnetic fishing game, one memory game, one game of chance and one roll-and-move game.

LudoWood is the perfect set for introducing children to four classic games updated by Djeco and specially designed for little ones aged 2 plus.

4 classic games in just one box!
No need for a game board - just flip the box over!

Inhalt: 4 Spiele: 1 Magnetfischen, 1 Memo, 1 Lotto, Parcoursspiel (Pappe, Holz, Kunststoff, Seil, Magnet), 1 dekorative Schachtel.

Designer: Géraldine Cosneau 

Recommended Age: 2Y+