Logic Garden
Logic Garden


Logic Garden

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A pocket-sized Sologic game. Organise your fruit and vegetable garden. There’s just one rule: you can’t have more than one of the same fruit or veg in any one patch!

  • Can be played solo or in a group. Increasing difficulty level so players can progress at their own pace
  • 40 challenges. Only 1 possible solution per challenge. Develops patience and logic
  • Vibrant illustrations of sweet, fun fruit and veg. The only rule is: you can't have the same fruits and vegetables in any one plot!

Contents: 7 wooden pieces, 40 cards and 1 set of game rules in 10 languages.

Inhalt: 7 assorted, wooden shapes of various colours / Includes 30 Challenge Cards and solutions provided. 

Recommended Age: 6Y+

Material: FSC® certified card and wood.

Size: 12 x 12 cm