Handmade Miffy - Milkmaid by Vermeer
Handmade Miffy - Milkmaid by Vermeer
Handmade Miffy - Milkmaid by Vermeer

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Handmade Miffy - Milkmaid by Vermeer

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Miffy in crochet, it's THE stuffed toy to have! Each plush is handmade, so it is unique!

The rabbit is presented in a version in homage to Vermeer's Milkmaid.

Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675), "The Milkmaid" c. 1660.
A maidservant pours milk, entirely absorbed in her work. Except for the stream of milk, everything else is still. Vermeer took this simple everyday activity and made it the subject of an impressive painting - the woman stands like a statue in the brightly lit room. Vermeer also had an eye for how light by means of hundreds of colourful dots plays over the surface of objects. 

Just Dutch dolls are crocheted in Vietnam using locally sourced and certified yarn with the perfect thickness, giving Miffy that authentic handcrafted look. Miffy handmade employs women who work from home, enabling them to look after their families. They also employ disabled people who work at their care facilities. Creating jobs for underprivileged makes this brand all the more special.

Size: 25 cm 

Material:  100% Cotton